Trane HVAC Introduction

Trane Building Advantage is one of Trane’s brands that consists of a collection of energy service offerings for assisting building owners and managers to manage and operate efficiently in promoting sustainability in buildings. These services help building owners value their facilities better by showing them ways to improve financial results and meet regulatory requirements.

Trane air conditioning and heating systems are one of the world’s leading systems in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and air-condition) space. The company offers a series of facility management services that cover all building facility needs virtually. Consider Trane as your facility management service provider for all kinds of maintenance — mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural — services.

Trane has a distinct system of serving everyone’s needs. A representative from the company works directly with the building owners and facility managers. And this coalition helps Trane to derive a unique system that serves the building owner.

Trane's Building Advantage Energy Solutions

The Trane Building Advantage is a new implementation for new buildings and a retrofit to improving the existing system. It is a game-changer for the building industry as many facility management and maintenance companies will soon begin to adapt Trane’s latest technology to their services. These services are also presumed to be cost effective and can help reduce building owners’ costs by causing minimal impact on cash flow.

The company has built an effective solution to problems often experienced with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. The newly evolved Building Advantage system also gives more power to building owners as it gives them increased control over their buildings and the amount of energy that is being used. It, therefore, allows easier management of numerous units all connected to a single access point and managed from that same point.

These newly included services offered by Trane bridges a gap between building owners and managers of building facilities. This is to gather the required knowledge about the main objective behind the building and the aim of the owners behind it. Using these specific details, Trane then designs a specialized building solution that suitably addresses the building owner’s needs. It also adapts the building to accommodate a series of energy solutions, which include:

Building controls and automation services

These are driven by technological advancements, which will further boost the process of creating high-performance buildings and a breakthrough in building control solutions. The company has developed two major control solutions: the Air-Fi wireless technology and Trane Tracer Concierge. Both control solutions enhance the ease of using building control equipment. 

The former replaces wired building controls and reduced dependency on wiring installations, creating a minimalist space for building owners. On the other hand, Trane Tracer Concierge connects multiple rooms to be handled from a single interface. With this, building owners can have access to a more effortless and advanced mode of living.

Energy management systems and services

The Trane building advantage also features the extensive use of information to review, facilitate, and develop the strategies used to control a building’s energy and operations costs. The analysis yields the intelligent use of technology to optimize business performance better. It is also designed to easily solve problems that arise from energy and services management.

Renewable energy and power solutions

Using renewable energy such as wind, solar and other forms has become revolutionized with the Trane building advantage. Building owners and facility managers can help increase their autonomic system and begin to fulfill other sustainability needs. The building advantage can help optimize renewable energy and power solutions to reduce energy costs. It also serves to improve the dependency of the energy source.

Trane Administrative and Maintenance Services

Trane offers several building services that cover both old and new buildings. The company offers a list of the commonly needed administrative and maintenance services.

Since Trane is a manufacturer of exceptional quality equipment, it enables them to provide the most suitable services for any HVAC needs that building owners and facility managers request. These services include:

Trane Air conditioning services are well known for their reliability and quality deliverables. However, after installation, there are scenarios whereby mechanical errors damage the functionality of the Air conditioners.


When this happens, Trane is always at the service end to offer top-notch quality repair service for all kinds of AC damage. The services are also offered in a professional and timely manner, not to affect those with urgent needs. Coupled with these services, Trane professionals are available at every time of the day and all days of the week. Emergency services are also available when needed. 


Trane technicians recommend that building owners use only Trane parts to fix every part of the damaged Trane air conditioners. Whether the need is for fastening loose wiring systems or replacing old or damaged parts, Trane gets the job done to the customer’s satisfaction. The technicians don’t just repair the set; they also give helpful tips on maintaining the system to avoid frequent breakdowns.

Trane Heater Repair

Imagine having a faulty heater during cold seasons, not advisable if you ask. After years of experience in the field, Trane prides itself on having the most qualified engineers and technicians — Trane Comfort Specialists™ — for Heater repairs.


The experts immediately assess the damage and identify the malfunction’s cause before giving an estimate that is always affordable. There is a guarantee that Trane service specialists™ will deliver the perfect job, and the system will be restored to its initial or even optimal performance compared to its initial state. 


Repairing heater damages can be a complicated business that requires in-depth knowledge. But Trane Comfort Specialists™ are trained to precisely deliver premium services while ensuring that no further problem arises from the heater for its lifespan. 

Trane HVAC Installs

HVAC systems are essential components of any building, so the installation company should offer only the best quality. Trane offers top-notch quality HVAC installation that satisfactorily caters to all kinds of heating and cooling requirements for home and commercial buildings. The experts at this service are customer-interactive. Hence, there is a consideration for the needs of the users before the service is rendered. This allows the technicians to provide HVAC installations tailored to the building requirements and not just installed to run carelessly.


Whether the building is new or old, the Trane certified engineers work efficiently to get the units installed quickly with little or no disruption to the occupants’ daily activities. The new Trane equipment is installed following the factory standard, and each unit is tested to ensure that every room in the building is served the right amount of conditioned air. The installation service also guarantees a long lifespan because the equipment wiring is done with the latest technology in the field. Trane installs are not only cost-effective but are highly durable. The HVAC systems are designed to last for 12 years. But if properly maintained, it can last for over 15 years.

Trane HVAC Replacement

Trane is professional at installation and equally skilled at the replacement of HVAC systems. Using a series of processes that do not affect the building occupants’ activities, Trane gets the old cooling and heating equipment out of the building and replaces it with Trane quality HVAC equipment. Just as adept as the technicians are with the installation, they are also efficient when replacing the old HVAC system. Most especially with the advanced building systems that Trane is now using, it is easier to replace old systems with durable and reliable new ones.

Trane Commercial HVAC Service Training

Trane offers instructor-led onsite and virtual training from their technical service factory training to classes on custom design and analysis software to training at your local sales office. Their cost ranges from $5 to over $300. The training is tailored to help facility managers and building owners. It envelops all the details required to understand HVAC service and operations requirements and helps develop effective maintenance management systems.

The training options offered to building owners and facility managers include air conditioning clinics, HVAC system design tools, engineer live DVDs, etc. 

The air-conditioning clinic training materials are scripted training presentations used to educate on the fundamentals of the HVAC systems. Each clinic consisted of a workbook that had related questions for each topic explained. The manuals are used as a comprehensive reference guide, which is used to increase the working knowledge of the HVAC system design concept. 

The company also offers a series of self-help services in the form of text materials and DVDs. These materials can be gotten for low prices and contain the HVAC system services’ basics and insights. The courses covered under these training are numerous, including air conditioners’ repair and applications manuals.

Another way to grow your knowledge in the career of building and facilities management is to attend AFEC held between August – October every year.

AFEC stands for Advanced Facilities Management and Engineering. It is a trade show and conference for building and facility managers and engineers. It was established to help these professionals and people in related fields advance their skills and knowledge to meet their job demands and advance their careers.

You can also opt for the Advanced Facilities Management training program provided by BMC, a UK training provider. It is designed to address the key concepts and ideas in facilities management within the engineering, production, facilities, and/or maintenance sectors. It is held in Dubai, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, and London multiple times during the year.

For instance, upcoming training events are:

  • Dubai, from 21 March 2021 to 25 March 2021
  • Paris, from 21 March 2021 to 25 March 2021
  • London, 14 March 2021 to 18 March 2021